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Madita's Secret - Kids

The ASF Mission specially for Kids and small Families

The ASF got an encrypted message addressed to Madita Schlabbeck. But Madita has long been dead. Her brother Anton built a time machine so that she can still receive the message. He wants to send a team back into the year 1988 to place the message in Madita's secret hiding place.

Can you help the ASF and Anton with this important mission?

Your mission:

  • Get the ASF Time Machine to work
  • Travel with it to the year 1988
  • Give Madita the secret message
  • Get back to the ASF headquartes within 66 minutes

Most important information

Team size
2 - 6 Kids (without adult company)

Play time
66 minutes (plan for about 90 minutes)

Atmospheric radio play in a children's room in the 80s, Bunniny

8 - 12 years (without adult company)

brave agents, Teamwork, imagination, listening, thinking

starting from 80€ (with Flatrate Party 250€)

Folgende Partner unterstützen 66 Minuten