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Elviras big coup

While the ASF heatedly debates the most important items on the agenda in a video meeting, unforeseen incidents occur. All of a sudden, Elvira's kitchen puts all other important issues in the background. Actually, only the ransom that Elvira swindled on the ASF should be recaptured there. However, there are indications in the kitchen that point to really weird hanky-panky...



What is a Live Video Adventure?

The mission can be played live from home using a PC or tablet. You and your team don't have to be in one place to do this. We provide you with trained Anti Schlabbeck Force agents who will get your hands dirty for you on site. Together you will experience the exciting and funny live adventure via a video conference system (with up to 8 connections).

You can find all FAQ at the bottom of the page.

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What is a Live Video Adventure?

The whole thing is a relatively complicated term for an online escape room experience that tries to come as close as possible to the escape variant "on site". For this we invite you to a Zoom conference with us so that you can control one of our agents live and together as a group via video chat. This poor pig is packed full of technology from head to toes and will follow your instructions. Of course, you can advise and coordinate in the team. 

Which technical devices do I need for Showdown?

Each connection only requires a PC or laptop with sound input and output. However, we recommend a second screen for a better overview and a top experience. There are numerous possibilities:

  • PC or laptop with a connected second screen
  • PC or laptop plus additional laptop or tablet PC or laptop connected to the TV
  • PC or laptop plus smartphone (we rather recommend different windows on the PC, or you really have eagle eyes and very little fingers)

This structure recommended by us is there so that you do not have to work in different tabs. You can leave the Zoom conference open on one screen and follow the action live and manage your found inventory on a second screen.

Can we play that from different countries?

Yes! Every connection can be wherever he or she wants, as long as there is Internet. So you can plan a game with the scattered family between Grevenbroich and Timbuktu, or a company event with your colleagues in Bangladesh whom you have never seen before. Anyone in the hospital needing a distraction? Here we are. There are so many possibilities...

Why is contact with you via webcam so important to us?

Our job was and is the contact with people. Our goal is that you have fun with us. Both outside of the pandemic in Neuwied and currently online.

However, we can only do our job in our Live Video Adventure Showdown satisfactorily if we keep an eye on you as a team. At Showdown we specifically use an online video conference as a stylistic device so that we can follow how your reaction to the game is and whether everything is okay with you. Especially online it is much more difficult to establish a personal bond with you and to interpret moods in the group. That is why we would like to see you so that we can respond specifically to you. For us, the interaction with you as a team is a warm-up and an icebreaker for the entire experience. If you leave out the webcam, we don't have a “contact person” and our communication leads to nowhere.

In addition, Showdown is overall a cooperative and interactive team game that lives from the fact that you see each other. To protect your privacy you can use neutralizing backgrounds or dress up. We look forward to seeing you!

Do I have to have technical knowledge?

We are gradually trying to develop instructions so that even our grandmother in Pusemuckel can do it. As long as you have the necessary hardware (computer or laptop with the possibility of video conferencing), we can get it up and running.

What does a connection mean?
One connection means 1 PC or laptop participating in the Zoom conference. In principle, we do not care how many people sit in front of the device per connection, but you should of course be aware that the experience can suffer a bit if you have your sister's elbow in your ribs all the time.
Do I book the appointment only for my group?

Yes, you are all to yourself (apart from a few official ASF agents). We are also working on a "Leipziger Allerlei" version, where strangers can play together.

When do we need to be online?

Be online 15 minutes before the start of the game, so you can arrive in peace, solve any technical difficulties together and we can start on time.

How does the price come about?

Excellent question! In contrast to our on-site experiences, at least two employees are permanently in action for you. And that including preparation and follow-up for over 2 hours each. Then there is the heating so that we don't freeze to death, light so that you can see something, the fast internet connection so that you can see even more and so on and so forth. An avatar game is really tough in the background, believe us. But you can squeeze in front of a PC with as many people as you want and as the current Corona regulation allows.

I still have questions…?!

How nice, then contact us:

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