FAQ – Häufig gestellte Fragen

The most important questions answered.

Here we answer the questions, people ask the most.

Will we be locked inside the room?

No, don't wory. It's always possible to leave the mission. But why would you want to? After all there is an important task for you to complete!n Auftrag zu erfüllen!

What languages can we play in?

These missions can be booked in german, english or french:

Mission DE EN FR
Showdown yes yes no
Trophäensammler / Tropyh Collector yes yes no
Geldrausch / Money Rush yes yes no
Leichenschauschmaus / Inquest Feast yes yes no
Das Amulett/ The Amulett yes yes no
Maditas Geheimnis/ Maditas Secret yes yes no
Enter the bar yes yes yes
Schattenjagd/ Catch Max yes no no
Kossmann Komplott yes no no

Just send us a message via whats app or mail or call us, if you need any help to book in english!

We would like to cancel or rebook!

We charge the following cancellation and rebooking fees:

Cancellation / rebooking up to 14 days before the date of the game: free of charge
Cancellation / rebooking up to 7 days before the game date: 50% of the total price of the booking
Cancellation / rebooking up to 24 hours before the game date: 75% of the total price of the booking
Not showing up for the game date: 100% of the total price of the booking
A cancellation must be received by us in writing. Best by email: info@66minuten.de.

Is it possible to go over the player maximum?

It depends. There are Real Life Adventures for big groups, but honestly: do you like sitting in an autoscooter for an hour with four people?

If you go over the maximum it's hard to notice what other people do and you'll most likely miss a lot of what's happening. The more people there are, the more the experience suffers.

That's why we recommend not to go over the player maximum. If you still absolutely want to bring an extra person, discuss it with us beforehand. We want you to have a great day! :D

Our number of people has changed, is that possible?

As long as you don't fall below the minimum number or exceed the maximum number of participants, it's not a problem!

Just let the game master know on site. You can simply pay the missing amount on site.

What is with the minimum age?

Our minimum age declarations refer to the atmoshpere inside the mission and not to the difficulty. There are puzzles in every room that are sometimes easier for children than adults. Our missions are challenging and exciting.

Children from the age of 8 can accompany an adult but at the adults decision. You know your children best. Read through the information of the mission beforehand and ask us if you have any questions.

What about groups of children or teenagers?

In general missions should be accompanied by an adult.

My desired date is greyed out!

There are several options here:

If your desired date is within the next 24 hours, then our personnel planning may have been completed. In this case you have to contact us personally. Best by email or phone. Both are read by many employees. If we're not reachable by phone at the moment, your message will go to the mailbox and will be processed at the next check. If your desired mission is still available, we will try to enable you to book it at short notice.

If it is more than 2 days until your grayed-out desired date, then see if another mission is still available.

Is it scary?

Our missions are atmospheric. In general the puzzles are the main focus.

The Inquest Feast (Leichenschauschmaus), as the name says, is a bit darker and there can be a jump scare or two.

I'm claustrophobic!

If you have don't mind taking the elevator, you shouldn't have any problems playing our missions.

I'm pregnant, is that a problem?

We already had a lot of pregnant players. They managed to complete the missions without problems.

Are tools allowed?

No, tools you bring yourself are not allowed! You don't need them anyway. Everything you need you will get from us.

Valuables can be locked in a locker before the mission.

What time should we arrive?

It's best if you're a few minutes early, so you can make sure everyone of you is on time and we can start right away.

Since every missions has its own starting point in the booking confirmation make sure you wait at the right place.

What happens if we're late?

Depending on the scheduled missions after yours we might have to deduct that time from your overall time at your disposal. So make sure to account for delays when you leave for your mission.

What does the gamemaster do?

The gamemaster is responsible for you and your mission. They greet you, brief you and help you during the mission, should you need it. After your mission they will answer your questions if you didn't understand something.

You might even meet them during your mission. Just wait and see ;)


Der Gamemaster ist für euch und euer komplettes Spiel verantwortlich. Er begrüßt euch, gibt euch eine Einweisung und ist während des Spiels über Ton- und Videotechnik (indoor) und per Funk (outdoor) jederzeit mit euch in Kontakt. Er kann euch hilfreiche Tipps geben, falls ihr mal nicht weiterwissen solltet und beantwortet auch nach eurem Spiel noch wichtige Fragen. Der Gamemaster kann euch auch während der Mission begegnen. Lasst euch überraschen ;)...

Will I be filmed?

Our gamemaster can hear and see you during the mission. There are three reasons for this:

  1. Our rooms are safe from theft and vandalism.
  2. It serves your safety.
  3. Our gamemaster can give you tips should you need them.
How do I know how much time I have left?

Who cares about time? Just have fun!

Our gamemaster will make sure, you're not stuck in there for 5 hours.

What happens when the time runs out?

Then we open up a trap door and you're lost forever ;)

Kidding! When the time is over and you haven't solved all the puzzles yet, you only lost a game. Next time you're definitely faster and will manage to solve your mission. No agent fell from the sky yet. ;)

Our gamemaster will try to make sure your time doesn't run out though, so just have fun and don't worry!

My gift voucher code doesn't work. What can I do?

Do you have a gift voucher with a code with 6 numbers or from the website geschenkidee.de?

Just give us a call (0178 561 3340) or write us a Mail with your voucher code, so we can book it manually.

Is the game accessible?

Not completely, no. It depends on your mission. So just call us and ask!

Tel.: +49 (1 78) 561 33 40

I still have more questions ... ?!

Just contact us! :D

E-Mail: info@66minuten.de
Tel.: +49 (1 78) 561 33 40

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