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The Madita Trilogy

3 Adventures one after the other (Back to Back)

Part 1: "The Secret (Maditas Geheimnis)"
The radio play based beginner missions is ideal for fans of the 80s.

Part 2: "Trophy Collector (Trophäensammler)"
With cool roleplay you start into this exciting and immersive mission with a thrilling plot twist finale.

Part 3: "The Amulet (Das Amulett)"
Pure horror, thrilling effects and a conciliatory finale are waiting for you in the style of the 80s.

Most important information

Team size
2 - 6 players

Play time
210 minutes (plan for about 5 hours)

for Fans and pros, intensity increases, very story based, immersive, big horror finale

Minimum age
16 years

courage, roleplay, teamwork, senses

starting from 90€ per person

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