• Schwein im Schlafzimmer mit Auszeichnungen
  • Schlabbeck hat Angst vor Madita
  • Kulisse aus der Mission das Amulett

The Amulet

Part 3 of the Madita Trilogy is only for Fans & Pros



This mission is a horror mission for 16 years and older and is best suited for fans of the ASF and Escape Room Enthusiasts - meaning experienced players.

Since "The Amulet" is part 3 of the Madita Trilogy you should play the other two parts first for the full gameplay experience:

We recommend to play all our Indoor Missions beforehand:

Team size
2 - 6 players

Play time
66 to 99 minutes

gloomy, very immersive but funny horror adventure, actors, Pre-Show

Minimum age
16 years

courage, teamwork

starting from 44€ per person

We need the best!

Starting from 16 years

We guarantee nothing ...

66 to 99 minutes

Any faster is just not possible ...

Brave enough?

Come if you think you're brave enough ...

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