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Indoor Missions

Unforgettable theater adventures in weather-independent escape rooms

08-15 Escape rooms are not enough for us: we are theater makers. We love the stage. This is our passion. We create unusual backdrops, immerse them in fantastic light, accompany them with music, design exciting props and combine everything in a captivating and gripping story to create an exciting theatrical experience. And you are right in the middle!


Choose your indoor mission and your adventure begins...

A special kind of indoor experience

With our indoor missions you get very close and direct into the dense atmospheric scenes. The intimacy of the strange places to be explored is felt directly and immersively. Our THEATER ADVENTURES are not classic escape rooms.

Here you are the main character in the middle of our adventures. For example, you are an agent of the Anti Schlabbeck Force and investigate, puzzle and fight against Schlabbeck and henchmen.

Choose your mission: break into his apartment or search his secret laboratory for a missing agent. A multitude of puzzles are waiting to be solved. But beware! You and your team only have 66 minutes to complete the mission...

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