• ASF Agent bastelt mit Drähten im Wohnzimmer von Schlabbeck
  • Herr Hubert steht vor dem Haus und schaut dich mit seinem Besen an
  • Bewaffneter ASF Agent im Dunkeln zielt mit dem Gewehr
  • Julia und Martin stehen vor der Tür
  • Julia steht in der Küche und hält einen Salzstreuer in der Hand
  • Küchenzeile von Oma Schlabbecks Küche

Trophy Collector

The second part of the Madita trilogy takes you to Schlabbeck's apartment. With a surprising twist, we head into a mind-blowing finale.

Important information

Team size
2 - 6 players (4 recommended)

Play time
66 minutes

Thrilling, immersive, actors, pre-show, grand finale

Minimum age
13 years with adult companion

Roleplay, courage, senses, combining

starting from 29 € per person (school groups reduced)

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Questions and answers

Can we play in english or any other language?

Yes, you can!

Our missions "Inquest Feast (Leichenschauschmaus)", "The Secret (Das Geheimnis)", "The Amulet (Das Amulett)",  "Money Rush (Geldrausch)" and "Showdown" are also playable in german and english! The party-mission "Enter the bar" is even available in german, english or french!

Just send us a message via WhatsApp or E-Mail or just call us under 0178 5613340, if you need any help to book in english!

Our number of people has changed, is that possible?

As long as you don't fall below the minimum number or exceed the maximum number of participants, it's no problem!

Just let the game master know on site. You can simply pay the missing amount on site.

When do we have to be there?

It is best if you are there exactly on time before your game starts. If you are not on time, we may have to deduct this from your game time so that subsequent games do not suffer.

For a smooth start, be sure to read the information about the start of the mission in your booking confirmation!

Is the game accessible?


The rooms on the first floor can be reached via an elevator and you can easily get through the doors. However, one could get a little cramped.

Be sure to let us know in advance so we can prepare for it!

Is it scary?

Our indoor missions are very atmospheric.

In general, however, our THEATER ADVENTURES naturally focus on puzzles.

My desired date is greyed out!

There are several options here:

If your desired date is within the next 24 hours, then our personnel planning may have been completed. In this case you have to contact us personally. Best by email or phone. Both are read by many employees. If the phone is not busy at the moment, your message will go to the mailbox and will be processed at the next check. If your desired mission is still available, we will try to enable you to book it at short notice.

If it is more than 2 days until your grayed-out desired date, then see if another mission is still available.

I'm claustrophobic!

If you don't mind taking the elevator, you shouldn't have any problems playing the mission.

We would like to cancel or rebook!
By default a cancellation is not possible.
For every mission you can add a cancellation ticket for 20€. With the ticket cancellation or Rebooking are free of charge until 72 hours before the mission.

Within 72 hours until the mission:

  • Cancellation to gift voucher possible (no cancellation fee)
  • or cancellation fee in the amount of a 2 person mission

A cancellation must be received by us in writing. Best by email: info@66minuten.de.

I have more questions ...?!

Then take a look at our FAQ page. Here are a few more questions that are asked from time to time.

And if your question isn't there either, just ask us personally:

Email: info@66minuten.de
Tel.: +49 (1 78) 561 33 40

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